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Giving Birth Here or There (And Being Prepared!)

November 10, 2011

According to UK’s Daily Mirror, performance artist Marni Kotak believes that giving birth is the “highest form of art.” She and her husband had their 9lb 2oz son earlier this month in a New York art gallery—a makeshift birthing center complete with a bed and birthing pool surrounded in colorful photographs.

While I personally might not want 15 art enthusiast strangers to witness the birth of my baby, I agree with Kotak that the entire birthing process is a remarkable and beautiful event. This story, however bizarre it may seem, gets to the heart of my mission at Boston Baby Beginnings. Each of the classes we teach enables moms and dads to truly enjoy the experience of having their baby, rather than be fearful of what’s happening. Through classes like Childbirth Preparation, parents-to-be learn about the stages of labor and birth, practice relaxation techniques, and have all of their questions answered by an experienced professional. Ideally, every parent is able to put their knowledge into practice in their environment of choice, but if by chance nature takes its course in the car, at home, or another unplanned location, they’ll feel as prepared as they can be.

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