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Infant/Child CPR: An Essential Skill for Parents and Childcare Providers

November 15, 2011

No expecting, new or veteran parent should have to face the reality of springing into action and saving the life of their child—or worse, experience a tragic loss. But unfortunately these scenarios can happen and a recent news story out of Kentucky highlights just how priceless having life-saving skills like Infant/Child CPR are to parents, family members and childcare providers.

As a mom to three young children, a healthcare professional and parent educator I urge you to find a course in your area that teaches both Infant and Child CPR. While many companies separate the Infant and Child CPR classes, I truly believe they are like peanut butter and jelly; you should never take one class without the other. Child CPR covers one to eight years old (a huge age range) and is the hardest class for parents of young children to attend. Offering one class that provides both infant and child CPR provides you with the skills necessary to react to an emergency situation, regardless of your child’s age.

The Infant/Child CPR course we offer at Boston Baby Beginnings is a convenient one-session course based on the American Heart Association “Family and Friends” curriculum and covers CPR for infants from birth to one year and children up to eight years of age. Our instructors combine video and hands-on practice using infant and child manikins, and teaches vital skills that can turn a life-threatening situation into a lifesaving one. Register today!

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