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4 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Childbirth Educator

November 25, 2011

As I’ve covered in past posts, childbirth education is a vital resource to new (and even second-time) parents. It allows you and your birth partner to become fully educated about anything from labor signs, progression and relaxation techniques, to birth, newborn care and breastfeeding. It’s also a wonderful way to get all your questions answered, gives you confidence as you prepare for parenthood and allows you access to a network of peer support. But unfortunately childbirth education is not regulated, which can result in providers/companies that vary widely in quality of education. Many instructors who are “certified” to teach in one area may end up teaching in a class they aren’t entirely qualified for. Furthermore, a certificate does not necessarily qualify someone to teach about childbirth, nor does having a great birth experience (which is how most women get into teaching). To ensure you sign up with a childbirth education provider that is worth your time and money—and so that ultimately you feel the preparedness you seek—here are four questions to ask when researching and selecting classes:

  1. In addition to being certified, are the instructors at the company also Registered Nurses or Midwives who have had extensive hands-on experience in birthing and newborn care situations?
  2. Does the company’s number one focus seem to be on sharing valuable information and education with you (as opposed to selling you products and classes)?
  3. Is the provider affiliated with a reputable hospital?
  4. Are there positive reviews/testimonials (online or word of mouth) about their services that align with your own birthing and parenting goals?

I founded Boston Baby Beginnings with all of the above questions in mind, making our number one focus you—the expecting parents and birth partner—and the quality of your childbirth education. All of our classes are taught by experienced maternity Registered Nurses. We provide accurate information and focus on facts—not products. And we are the exclusive in-hospital childbirth educator of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, one of the finest birthing hospitals in the nation. Please check out our upcoming class schedule and contact me if you have any questions!

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