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Benefits of Baby Sign Language

January 24, 2012

You’ve likely heard a bit here and there about baby sign language. Before I was introduced fully to the concept personally, my impression was that it was simply the latest trend to hit the baby market—and yet another parenting philosophy to debate! But since seeing the rewards of teaching and using baby sign language in my own family, I completely understand the value and am eager to share it with other parents looking for an effective means of communication with their babies. From mom of three, nurse and parent educator’s perspective, here are just a few benefits to learning to teach your baby sign language:

Enables your baby to communicate needs. Whether you’ve experienced it with your own child already or not, you’ve likely heard of the tantrums that can come of a baby who can’t quite get his/her message across. By teaching sign language for basic needs such as “more,” babies as young as six months can communicate how they’re feeling and what they want. Eliminating that frustration of miscommunication on the part of both you as a parent and your baby is good all around!

Sets firm foundation for future educational success. The wiring that happens in your baby’s brain during the first year of life is both plentiful and paramount. Helping your baby to make early connections between his emotions, wants and needs, and the world around him strengthens his ability to learn and adapt in various settings as he grows.

Embeds Early Social and Language Skills. By reinforcing the language that your baby is physiologically not capable of repeating yet and showing actions to match, your baby is developing essential language and social skills. He will learn to respond to you and engage in “conversation” when you prompt with signs.

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