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Mission Sleep Lends a Hand to Military Families

January 30, 2012

Remember how nerve-racking it was bringing baby home from the hospital the first time? Worrying if you produced enough milk, worrying if using formula was okay, wondering about breathing patterns, deciding if you should wake her to feed. Is he eating enough? Is she crying too much? Is this a good swaddle? And what the hell is going on “down there”?! All the books say something different! Is this normal?!

Now imagine going through that process without your partner.

Mission Sleep is a non-profit organization that strives to provide free, overnight newborn care to military families where Dad is deployed or wounded when Mom has their baby. Mission Sleep will provide a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Post-Partum Medical Tech to come into the home of the new mom and provide overnight care and education to that mother.

A 2007 study of pregnant women with deployed spouses found that the risk of post-partum depression among these mothers “may be 2.31 times greater than for other pregnant women with spouses who are not deployed.” 

Along with fighting this statistic, Let Mommy Sleep aims to help military moms transition from hospital to home and provide relief in the early weeks home with baby.

Mission Sleep is the non-profit arm of Let Mommy Sleep, the only baby nurse agency serving the Washington DC and Baltimore areas. In partnership with Walter Reed Medical Center, Mission Sleep supports new military mothers by providing overnight care by postpartum care and mother/baby unit nurses. We have the staff, the advertising and the moms in place. Now we just need YOU. Companies, corporations, private donors- –we are shamelessly asking for your donations and assistance.

To learn more about Mission Sleep, or to donate to this most worthy cause, please visit us at:

Mission Sleep…helping Military Families, 1 night at a time.

Photography courtesy of Peasap.

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