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Heading Back to Work: Steps for Easing the Transition, Part Two

February 29, 2012

Thanks for reading Part One of our series on going back to work after baby. We have even more tips to help you with the transition. And while some of these tips seem obvious, they can be overlooked due to the sheer fact that Mom is exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed and feeling guilty about heading back to work. But fear no more, after reading these quick-tips; the transition back to the work force will be easier. Plus, you’ll find less planning time and more quality time with baby.

  • Prioritize your sleep schedule. Sometimes hitting the hay at 7pm can be rejuvenating when your little one is still waking for feedings at night.
  • Delegate tasks to your partner and other family members. Giving up total control can be difficult for some new moms, like myself, but asking for help can decrease your stress and increase your quality time with your baby.
  • Choose a daycare that works for your family, and get comfortable with the idea of seeing your child in that environment at least 2 weeks before you start back at work. Even if it is just a few hours, 2-3 times per week, you will feel at ease (or less stressed) about leaving your little one on your first day back.
  • Go shopping! Choosing clothes for work that fit and look great will make you feel good about getting out of sweatpants!
  • Go grocery shopping and stock up on the essentials that will make it easier to prepare food on a tight schedule.
  • Order on-line when possible. There are many great web sites that offer free shipping on everything from baby supplies ( to food ( to home essentials (
  • Get organized! From daycare to dinner, the more organized you are before the start of the week, the smoother the week runs.
    • Devise a weekly meal plan. Deciding what to make for dinner was the most stressful part of my day until I started a meal plan. And it saved money on my grocery bill.
    • Keep a bin in the closet designated for baby clothes that have gotten too small. Since they grow so quickly, it is nice to have designated place to put the smaller clothes until you are ready to pack that size away for good.
    • Keep the last two weekends before going back to work free for family time. (You’ll thank me for this one!)
    • Don’t make bath time a nighttime routine. Nighttime can be so tiring; you don’t need to add a baby bath to the chaos. It is recommended that you do not bathe a baby everyday; consider giving one during the day if you are going back part-time and save one for the weekend.

This may seem like a lot of preparation, but with help from your partner and/or family members, it can be done and will be well worth the effort!

And as a mom of three, who has made the transition back to work three times already, I can assure you that time heals all wounds. It may take a week or two, but this new routine will seem like an old hat before long. 

Photography courtesy of Flickr.

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