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10 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy

March 26, 2012

OK, be honest. Between the heartburn, the swelling, and the cravings, you’ve probably felt the urge to complain just a little bit about your pregnancy. At a friend’s dinner party, as everyone else around the table reached for a second glass of wine, you may have felt a tad jealous. You’re excited about your pending arrival, but pregnancy isn’t exactly a breeze! Some prenatal pampering might take the edge off those feelings of irritation, and we’ve got ten ways to make yourself feel fantastic, even as your stretch marks multiply by the day.

  1. Book a prenatal massage. Make sure your massage therapist is certified specifically in prenatal massage, and enjoy some relief from swelling, plus nerve and joint pain.
  1. Get a great haircut. A few weeks before your due date, ask your stylist for an easy-to-maintain style that will look good even as it grows out, in case you find yourself just a little bit pre-occupied after your baby arrives!
  2. Squeeze in a pedicure. Warm water, nourishing lotion, a foot massage, and pretty polish will make your exhausted, swollen feet feel great.
  3. Stock up on some luxurious prenatal beauty products. Hit up Sephora or Nordstrom for a lotion with cocoa or shea butter; some are specially designed for your pregnant belly and are an easy way to feel pampered.
  4. While you’re at the mall, buy yourself a maternity outfit you actually like! Most women’s maternity wardrobes are basic, with an emphasis on frugality and comfort (with good reason)! But one beautiful item can really lift your spirits.
  5. Speaking of lifting, you’ve probably noticed that your breasts began to grow sometime in your second trimester. Your usual bras aren’t quite doing the trick anymore, so buying a few maternity bras will make you feel more comfortable and supported.
  6. If outfitting your new body isn’t boosting your mood, you can always pick up a little something that always fits: jewelry. Whether it’s an inexpensive trinket that makes you smile, or an investment piece to mark this milestone in your life, any new bauble always feels like a luxury!
  7. Now that you’re feeling gorgeous, take the show on the road! You and your partner are in for a major upheaval, so you may enjoy taking a babymoon, even if it’s just a weekend at the beach or an overnight in the city.
  8. Not up for a trip? Make reservations for dinner with your friends and family. Enjoy a grown-up night out at your favorite restaurant, before you hunker down at home with your new baby.
  9. And after you’ve tended to your belly, your feet, and your closet, think about hiring a cleaning service to do a one-time, top-to-bottom cleaning of your home. If you’re in your third trimester, you’re probably trying to ease up on some of your more strenuous household chores, and a professional cleaning service can really make your home sparkle. Plus, kicking off motherhood with a clean house will make newborn clean-ups a little easier to handle.

Before you greet your new baby and put her needs first, tend to your own needs while you’re still pregnant. A little pampering here and there will make the months go by more quickly!

Photography courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography.

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