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Five Weird Pregnancy Symptoms Explained!

June 8, 2012

Pregnancy makes some women feel like a character in a science fiction novel. From your expanding belly to your heightened mood swings, you may feel like you are no longer in control of your own body. The good news is that your strange symptoms are not unexplained phenomena. There are biological reasons for the odd things that are happening to you these days!

First of all, that pregnancy glow is not just a myth or an empty compliment. You may actually begin to glow during your pregnancy! Increased blood supply means that your blood flow to your skin increases, and your complexion may look a little rosier than normal! Plus, increased hormones mean an increase in oil production, which can result in what you may want to start thinking of as “radiance”.

Another odd symptom that may begin fairly early on is a heightened sense of smell. Smells that may have seemed innocuous just a few months ago are now completely repulsive. And you might even find yourself noting scents that others can’t detect. Scientists believe that this symptom stems from our ancestors’ need to determine what was unsafe to eat during pregnancy. Potent or unnatural scents might have deterred them from eating something that would have harmed their babies.

And just about anything and everything may start happening to your hair. Some pregnant women experience thicker, fuller, longer hair, to their delight. But others report that their hair seems to stop growing, and find that they barely need to shave their legs during pregnancy. Other women find hair in odd places and some notice that their hair changes in texture. Ever wished that you had curly (or straight) hair? It could happen, thanks to an increase in hormones.

You may also get the chance to experience a whole new bra size. As your hormones shift, your breast tissue may become swollen and you could notice changes in your breast size from as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy. What no one tells you is that darkened nipples and large areolae are also common during pregnancy, so don’t panic as you notice these changes taking place. Things may start to go back to normal after you’re finished breastfeeding.

And if it’s not frustrating enough to have to buy new clothes, you might also find that your feet grow up to a size larger than normal. This often happens later in pregnancy and is due to a couple of factors. Your tissues are swelling, and that contributes to a puffy look. And your body is also releasing a protein hormone called relaxin, which loosens the cartilage that holds your bones together. This allows your pelvis to expand to allow for easier labor, but can affect the other bones in your body as well.

Fear not, if you notice a variety of strange symptoms during your pregnancy. Many of these are normal and will subside after your baby is born. Everyone will experience pregnancy a bit differently, but a host of changes is usually not cause for concern.

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