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Five Ways to Combat Pregnancy Fatigue

July 2, 2012

Before you got pregnant, you thought you had experienced fatigue before. Studying for final exams, coping with jet lag, and fighting seasonal allergies are all recipes for feeling worn out. But now that you’re expecting, you’re experiencing a whole new level of exhaustion, and you’ve still got months to go! Check out our tips for fighting fatigue and get through your days with minimal yawning.

1. Get more sleep. OK, that sounds obvious. But seriously, while you used to stay up for the Colbert Report and squeeze in about six hours before you got pregnant, you may want to set an earlier bedtime now. Since frequent bathroom breaks and general discomfort can disturb you through the night, give yourself a couple of extra hours in bed each night to make up for the insomnia and poor quality of sleep you may be experiencing.

2. Hydrate. Constantly. One of the major causes of fatigue, whether you’re pregnant or not, is dehydration. Have a tall glass of water with breakfast, and make sure you go through at least a liter of water throughout your day. Hydrate again a few hours before bedtime, making sure to lay off the beverages an hour before you go to sleep, to prevent bathroom breaks at night.

3. Breathe in some fresh air. Sometimes, you need a change of pace and a bit of light aerobic exercise to get your blood pumping and your brain working again! Something as simple as a walk around the block, or even a few minutes out in the parking lot, if you work in an office park, can be refreshing.

4. Eat smart. Keeping your blood sugar stable is important in pregnancy, and can contribute greatly to your send of wellbeing. Try breaking your meals into six small meals throughout the day, to make sure you always have something in your stomach and don’t fall prey to blood sugar highs and lows. Try to get a bit of protein and complex carbohydrates in each small meal.

5. Talk to your doctor. Getting regular prenatal care is the cornerstone of a healthy pregnancy, and your doctor can give you tips for keeping your energy up and feeling good. She can also monitor you for conditions which can contribute to fatigue during pregnancy, and offer solutions.

While fatigue in pregnancy is extremely common and usually no cause for concern, it’s also something that’s manageable. You can take small steps to improving the way you feel while you’re expecting, and each one will have an impact not only on your energy, but your mood and overall health as well.


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