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One Last Time: Make the Most of Your Pre-Baby Days!

July 6, 2012

During your pregnancy, you’re looking forward to a lot of “firsts”. You’ve bought your baby’s first hat, to wear in the hospital. You can’t wait to see your baby’s face for the first time. And you’re nervously (and excitedly) anticipating that first night at home with your newborn, too! But you also have some “lasts” to enjoy as well. After you give birth, you’ll have less time for a few of the routine activities you normally enjoy, so take some time during your pregnancy to make the most of some things you’ll miss during those first several months of your baby’s life!

  1. Go to the movies. Is there a new movie coming out that you’re dying to see? Or maybe you keep meaning to check out a film that’s been in the theater for a little while? See them both…now! Bringing a baby to a crowded movie theater isn’t any fun, for you or for the other moviegoers. And some parents feel nervous about leaving their baby with a sitter for those few months. So get that date night at the movies out of your system now. And this applies to the ballet, the theater, and the symphony. Enjoy a night out while you can!
  1. Girls’ night. Of course, after you have your baby, your close girlfriends will be visiting to see the new arrival and spend time with you. But the haze of sleep deprivation and the overwhelming presence of a tiny infant pretty much ensure that sustained conversation and, frankly, your listening skills, may be a lost cause. Before you have your baby, make time for a dinner out with your friends, so that you can catch up on their lives and update them on how you’re feeling.
  1. Get a haircut. A few weeks before your due date, make an appointment to have your hair cut. In fact, ask your stylist to take a few more inches off than usual. You might even want to ask for a cut that will hold its shape and be easy to take care of for a few months. When you’re up late with an infant, and up early again in the morning, the last thing you’ll want to be worrying about is a fraying, grown out mess on your head. Getting an easy-to-maintain cut before you have your baby will give you one less thing to think about in those hectic first few months.
  1. Take a babymoon. Some couples take a little time off before conceiving, while others take a break during pregnancy. Either way, a few days or even a week away with your partner is a great idea. A vacation is something you won’t be taking for a little while, and a vacation with a child is very different from one without! Scope out a quiet locale and spend time low-key time off with your partner for the last time in a long time!
  1. Hire a housecleaner. You’re about to invite a hurricane into your home. For a tiny, immobile little person, your newborn is certainly going to bring a lot of messiness into your world. Between baby gifts, diapers, and birth cloths, babies come with a lot of extra items. Plus, you won’t be as focused on tidying up the house as you were before. Hiring a professional service to clean your home from top to bottom will give you a sparkling home that will ensure clean tubs and showers and dust-free bookcases for a little while at least!

As much as you’re looking forward to your long future with your new family, don’t forget to make the most of the present time! Taking some time out to enjoy pre-baby life is a great gift to you and your partner.

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