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For Tech Nerds: Stock Up on Baby-Friendly Gadgets!

July 16, 2012
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Sure, parents got by for years without inputting every move their kids made on their electronic devices. Our moms and dads somehow endured parenthood without humidity sensors and digital cameras. But if you’re addicted to technology, you’re going to love the various gadgets on the market for new parents who want a little help from a few well-chosen devices when they have a new baby.

Baby monitors have evolved in leaps and bounds over the past several years. Many parents prefer a video monitor to a simple audio monitor, and there are a lot of bells and whistles on the newest models. Motorola’s popular video monitor features an LCD display, infrared viewing in low light, and a lullaby function that lulls your baby to sleep. And Philips AVENT manufactures an audio monitor that detects humidity and temperature, for parents who try to maintain ideal sleeping conditions in their baby’s nusery. Whichever monitor you choose, remember to save your receipts until you’ve tried it out at home. Make sure the signal is strong in your house, and try it out in conjunction with your wireless devices. Some monitors disrupt your wireless signal, and you’ll want to know that now, rather than on your baby’s first night home!

And as we’ve mentioned here before, no baby gadget arsenal is complete without a solid digital camera to document every blink, yawn, and smile in those early days. If you’re not a huge camera buff, a simple point-and-shoot should suffice. Don’t let sales associates try to impress you with a high number of mega-pixels. Anything over 8 megapixels is likely fine for your purposes. And if you do want to upgrade to an SLR, consider a 50mm lens, which will allow you to take great shots of kids in motion!

One of the best gadgets for new parents is the one you already own: your smartphone or tablet! There are hundreds of apps on the market that cater to new moms and dads, including Baby Connect, which is an activity logger that tracks your baby’s feedings, diapers, naps, and milestones, for easy reference on sleep-deprived days. SitorSquat is an app that tracks your location using GPS and finds the closest bathroom, an asset when your baby has a diaper blowout or your toddler has decided that he needs to go right now! And MagicSleep is an app that delivers white noise or lullabies to your baby and has a timer you can set during naptime.

And there’s more! There are niche gadgets out there that monitor your car seat’s security, strollers that collapse with the touch of a button, and external thermometers to make temperature-taking easier and less, um, accident-prone. Fire up your registries, but make sure to check out websites like to ensure that you’re choosing products your family will actually use and benefit from!

Photography courtesy of Flickr.

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