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Getting Back into Shape: When Your Baby is Your Workout Partner

August 13, 2012

You’ve got all of your childcare solutions lined up. Your baby has a spot at your preferred daycare facility, you have a babysitter on call for Saturday nights out with your partner, and your parents will watch your child when you’re out of town on vacation. But when it comes to an hour here or there during the week that’s just for you, you probably don’t have a plan. Many new moms crave an opportunity to get some exercise and work out their post-baby bodies, but how do you burn calories with your baby beside you?

Now that you’re a mom, you have an excellent workout tool at your disposal: your stroller! Pack up your baby, put her in the stroller, and head for the hills. Walking up and down the hilliest area of your neighborhood while pushing a stroller ahead of you, will give you a gluteal workout you’ll be sure to miss when your baby is grown up and no longer strollable! After an hour of pushing up to 30 pounds up and down hills, your body will be feeling the burn.

Be sure to check out options at your local gym or community center. Many gyms and local Y’s have free childcare for moms using their workout facilities or participating in classes. And there may be mom-and-baby exercise classes in your area. Google to find out how you can combine quality time with your baby and a workout for you.

And of course, there are tons of DVDs and downloadable workouts out there for home use. You might wonder what you’re going to do with your baby while your working out, but consider the following. Babies love upbeat music. Babies love watching you make funny faces and gestures. Your baby might just love watching you get a workout at home, even if it’s just for twenty minutes. Give it a try!

Your workouts may not look like the CNN-fueled power sessions that you enjoyed pre-baby, but you can still squeeze in some time for you and your body with baby in tow. Remember that feeling good and staying healthy are beneficial for you and your little one, so don’t be afraid to take the time you need to stay fit.

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