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Back to School Tips for Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarteners

August 27, 2012

The sunscreen bottle is getting a little low. Bathing suits are looking a bit weathered. School supplies are disappearing from the shelves of drugstores and supermarkets. The back-to-school scramble has begun!

Whether your child is a seasoned student or a newbie to the school year routine, the end of summer is always a major transition each year for families with young children. As the long, under-scheduled summer days wane, you may want to establish a healthy routine for your school-age kids to get them acclimated to their new daily activities and faster pace. To prepare for early, active mornings, set a bedtime for your kids preceded by calming rituals such as a bath and some quiet reading time. It may also help to choose the next day’s clothing and shoes with your child, pack a lunch together, and put his supplies and backpack near the door so that he understands what the following day will entail.

Talk with your child about who his teacher will be and what he might be able to expect from the first few days of school. Answer his questions and ask him some questions of your own. What is he most excited about? Is there anything he is afraid of? You might want to point out some of the fun things he’ll get to experience now that he’s going back to school. Some of his favorite activities, like reading, playing on the playground, and drawing or painting might put him in a good state of mind and lessen any apprehension he feels.

This may also be an emotional time for you. If you’ve been accustomed to having your child at home with you during the summer, this transition will feel dramatic. Even if your child has been in daycare, there is still something exciting and “grown-up” about the start of school that might make you feel a little wistful for your child’s less independent days! Projecting a calm and optimistic attitude will have an impact on your child and will boost his confidence in those first few days back, so try to feel some of the excitement you wish for him!

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