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Five Tips for Coping with Morning Sickness All Day Long

September 7, 2012

Movies and television have morning sickness all wrong. A pregnant star of a sitcom or romantic comedy wakes up in the morning feeling queasy and has trouble keeping down her breakfast, but then magically applies her lipstick, puts on shoes and a coat, and walks out the door to carry on with her blissfully nausea-free day.

In reality, of the up to 80% of women who experience “morning sickness”, a small fraction experience nausea and vomiting only in the morning. Many pregnant women feel nauseous throughout the day during their first trimester. Our tips can help you to cope with that queasy feeling and manage to stay hydrated and nourished all day long.

1. Pace yourself. Keep your energy up with small meals and frequent sips of water, tea, or ginger ale throughout the day. Taking in food and liquids in small doses throughout the day will ensure that your stomach is never empty (a frequent cause of nausea) but won’t overload your digestive system either.

2. Take your vitamins. Your prenatals are more important now than ever, for both your baby’s health and your own nutrition. Make sure to take your vitamins daily, especially since your diet may be limited right now due to nausea. If you find that your prenatals make you feel nauseous, try switching to a pill that doesn’t contain iron, as iron frequently causes and aggravates stomach upset. And talk to your doctor about taking a B6 supplement, which can ease some of the nausea you may be feeling.

3. Along with increased nausea, your pregnancy hormones may be heightening your sense of smell, and causing once innocuous odors to become unbearable! Stay away from scents that kick your nausea into overdrive. This may involve asking members of your family to refrain from cooking dishes that irritate your sense of smell, or switching to a new brand of toothpaste or even shampoo!

4. Take advantage of safe home remedies for nausea. Ginger has been proven to reduce queasiness and you can find ginger pills, candy, tea, and soda at your local health food store. Lemons are also known to reduce nausea, and just smelling a fresh lemon can ease your stomach. Sea bands, sold in pharmacies to counter motion sickness, can be helpful as well.

5. Some morning sickness does, in fact, take place first thing in the morning. When your stomach is completely empty, nausea can creep up on you, so try keeping a box of saltines and a small bottle of ginger ale by your bed. Eat a handful of crackers and take a few sips of the soda before even getting up, and you may find that your morning queasiness subsides.

If you find that your nausea and vomiting cannot be controlled with any of these remedies, and you’re having trouble staying hydrated and functioning throughout the day, talk to your doctor. Extreme cases of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy may call for medication, and your ob/gyn can recommend a remedy that is safe for you to use.

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