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Five Ways to Get Your Baby on Board with Your New Baby!

September 14, 2012

If you’re pregnant and already have older children, they may be a bit confused right now about what is happening to their family and their home. The introduction of a new crib, talk of baby names and bottles, and your growing belly is probably a bit bewildering, so remember to take some time to help your child acclimate to the little sibling who is about to turn your family upside down!

  1. Bring your child with you when you visit friends with new babies. Allowing your child to become accustomed to the cries of a newborn and the amount of holding and attention that must be paid to an infant, will help in understanding the amount of comforting their new little brother and sister may need. And letting your child hold or touch the baby gently will demystify this new creature!
  2. Tell your child a little bit about what babies are like. It might seem odd to describe infant behavior to someone who was so recently an infant themselves, but your child has a very poor memory of those sleepless nights, endless cries, and frequent nursing. Talk to your little one about the noises babies make and the kind of attention and care they need will prepare your older sibling for the amount of focus that the baby will require from you.
  3. Show your child photos and videos from when she was a baby, and tell her stories about the nursing, bathing, and holding you provided for her when she was so little. Let her know that your new addition will need the same kind of attention you gave her.
  4. Allow your older sibling some bump time. Toward the end of the second trimester, when you feel the baby kicking, let your child put her hand on your belly and feel the movements in your belly. Let her know that she is feeling a tiny foot or arm. This will make the advent of their younger sibling feel more real. You can even encourage your child to talk to or sing to the baby in your womb, and let her know that the baby may be able to hear her voice.
  5. If you find yourself feeling exhausted or frustrated by your older child, let her know that carrying a little baby makes you feel worn out and might mean that you prefer to play quieter games with her. Older kids might even learn a little about biology if you let them know that the baby requires some of your energy to develop and grow, which leaves you feeling wiped out!

Involving your older child a bit more in the discussion and preparation for a new baby can help her feel more in control of her changing world, and will hopefully make her a helpful and well-adjusted older sibling when you bring your baby home!


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  1. September 14, 2012 3:03 pm

    Great tips! thanks

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