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Newborn Skincare: Tips for Managing Common Troubles

October 5, 2012

As soft and sweet as your baby’s skin is, newborns are often prone to a variety of skin conditions that require care on your part. Most of them are nothing to worry over, but spotting the signs of skin trouble early and treating them diligently will make your baby infinitely more comfortable.

Diaper rash. Redness of the skin in your baby’s genital region is diaper rash, and can be caused by a diaper that’s too tight or is kept on for too long without being changed. If you notice this very common rash, you can ease the irritation by diligently changing your baby’s diaper, cleaning the area thoroughly with baby wipes for sensitive skin, and using diaper cream with each changing. As long as you are thorough and keep tabs on when her diaper needs to be changed, this condition should not be difficult to manage.

Cradle cap. This is a waxy, flaky affliction that sometimes begins in the first or second month of your baby’s life and can be noticed on the scalp, forehead, eyebrows, and behind your baby’s ears. It is caused by a build-up of oils. Check with your doctor about treating cradle cap, as a special shampoo or scalp treatment may be necessary.

Acne. Newborn acne is also common, and begins in the womb. Your own pregnancy hormones can cause baby’s skin to become excessively oily and leads to clogged pores. Your baby’s acne does not need special treatment other than the regular baths you’re already administering, and should clear up on its own within a few weeks.

If your baby’s rash spreads widely over her body or is causing her pain or excessive irritation, talk to your pediatrician. She may be reacting to an allergen or irritant in her environment and you may need to be careful about the fabrics, lotions, scents, and detergents you use that come in contact with her delicate skin. But most newborn skin problems are fairly common and will disappear with treatment and care from you at home.

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