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Urban Moms: Tips for Navigating the City with Baby in Tow, Part Two

October 26, 2012

In our last post, we offered up tips for city moms who are adjusting to motherhood in the urban jungle. We tackled strollers, friendly dogs, and making friends in the big city. We’re back with more helpful advice for those of you who embrace the four-floor walk-up instead of the spacious greatroom.

  1. Be traffic-savvy. As you lean out into a crosswalk, hoping that the next driver will let you pass, remember that many drivers are looking out for other cars, and not for strollers or toddlers. Keep yourself and your stroller out of the street until the coast is completely clear.
  2. Carry hand-sanitizing wipes. Subway poles, door handles, snacks-on-the-go, and other kids all have the potential to coat your hands and your baby’s hands and face with germs and stickiness. Many brands manufacture anti-bacterial wipes that are suitable for a baby’s skin. Use them to prevent illness and, you know, messy goop.
  3. Have baby-friendly facilities on your radar. You never know when a trip to the bathroom will become immediately necessary, and finding clean facilities with changing tables for children is sometimes tough. Keep an eye out for hotels and department stores, which will always have clean bathrooms with lots of space and a nice changing area. In a pinch, chain restaurants and coffee shops will do, but the germ factor will be higher!
  4. Comfy shoes are a must. Yes, there are women around you sporting 4-inch heels and Italian leather. Resist. Sneakers and clogs are your best friends when you’re touring the city with an infant all day. If you want to inject a little style into your day, try a ballet flat or a loafer. Or give up on cute footwear and buy yourself a pretty scarf. Your feet will thank you.
  5. Embrace online shopping for basics. Walking home while juggling a stroller, a diaper bag, twelve rolls of paper towels, and a week’s worth of groceries? Not likely. Check out grocery delivery services like PeaPod by Stop and Shop, and look into Amazon Prime, which will deliver everything from cat food to diapers, for free, in just two days. You won’t regret it.

If any of you city-dwellers can think of tips that we missed, please let us know in the comments! Our community of moms spans the city and the suburbs, and your engagement and advice helps to build our base of knowledge!

Photography courtesy of Flickr.

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