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Tips for Surviving Cold Weather During Pregnancy

December 1, 2012

The leaves have changed and the frosty nights are setting in. Check out our tips for coping with a cold weather pregnancy, and read up on some interesting benefits you may not have considered!

Remember to get your flu shot. Cold and flu season is approaching, and every pregnant woman should be vaccinated against the flu. If you do get a cold this year, talk to your doctor about minimizing your discomfort safely. Some cold remedies may not be safe during pregnancy, including some home remedies, so definitely give your doctor’s office a ring when you start to come down with something.

Invest in boots with traction. Your center of gravity is shifting at the same time that streets and sidewalks are bound to be icy, so make sure your footwear is flat, has treads, and is made for winter weather. Boots from Sorel and Northface are comfy and have great traction, as do L.L. Bean’s classic duck boots. And YakTrax makes rubber treads with metal traction that you can snap onto the bottom of your shoes in especially icy conditions.

The upside? Your body temperature tends to run a bit warmer when you’re pregnant, so you may find this winter a bit more tolerable than usual. Remember to dress in layers, so that you can adjust your temperature when you’re on the go.

Another hidden benefit of being pregnant in the winter? Your choices in maternity wear are so much more flattering. The spaghetti strap maternity tanks that often reveal a little too much cleavage and belly in the summer give way to comfy, loose sweaters and knit, flared dresses in the winter.

In many ways, a winter pregnancy can be more pleasant than a warm weather one! What are your tips for surviving the cold while you’re expecting? Let us know in the comments!

Photography courtesy of Flickr.

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