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How to Survive Your Baby’s First Haircut!

December 7, 2012

IMG_1444Recently, a friend was telling us that, as she noticed her son’s hair getting shaggy and uncontrolled just after his first birthday, she made a quick call to a small salon around the corner, brought him in that same day, and casually stepped back as the hair dresser snipped away at the stray hairs around his neck and ears. Suddenly, she became overwhelmed with emotion, seeing her baby’s hair falling to the floor and watching his face take on a different look as his locks were clipped away. She began to cry on the spot, which caused her baby to cry, and after she brought him home, she was surprised at her strong, emotional reaction.

It’s normal for moms to get a little emotional over first moments, and for a lot of moms and dads, that first haircut feels particularly fraught. It’s a milestone, just another step toward your baby becoming a “big kid”. Losing a bit of that baby hair feels like a goodbye to a particularly sweet era. Before bringing your baby in for his first haircut, think about these tips that may add up to a less tearful visit to the salon.

  1. Find a kid-friendly salon. Some salons specialize in haircuts for the whole family, and the stylists are prepared to handle squirming kids, fear of scissors, and an unwillingness to sit in the chair. Books, games, and toys are on hand to provide distractions, and meltdowns may not draw the kind of attention they would in an adult salon.
  1. Bring your camera. Documenting this moment will help you to remember this milestone, and distracting your child with funny faces or prompting him to make some of his own will make the moment feel more fun and silly than like the end of an era. Plus, you’ll have great before and after shots to put into a scrapbook or baby book later.
  1. Keep a lock of hair. This memento can be kept in an envelope in a keepsake box, or in a scrapbook, and years later you’ll remember that unique color your baby’s hair was when he was little. As he grows and changes, you’ll still have that on small piece of his past.

Most importantly, don’t fret if your emotions get the best of you. Your baby’s life is about to start changing rapidly, with first days at school, first friends, last days in diapers, and transitions to a bigger bed all in your future. This milestones can be joyful and jarring at the same time.


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