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Light the Lights and Kindle the Fire! It’s Baby’s First Holiday Season!

December 14, 2012

5284352877_210749be06_zFor those of you who recently had a baby, it can be lovely to close such a momentous year with the warmth, joy, and celebration of the holiday season. To make the most of this lovely time of year, check out our tips on celebrating the holidays in a safe, smart, and playful manner as you introduce your baby to your family’s traditions and begin some new ones as well.

  1. You probably have a ton of baby paraphernalia stashed around your house at this point. And your family and friends are about to gift more baby items for Christmas or Chanukkah. Take an afternoon and store or donate any baby items you’re no longer using (or haven’t wanted to use at all)! Create an wish list for relatives and close friends, so that people know what baby items you still need and will get the most use from. This will cut down on a second influx of baby clutter!
  2. When decorating this year, remember to keep safety in mind. If your baby is grabbing, pulling, crawling, or rolling, think about what might be within reach. Tinsel is shiny and attractive to babies, but can be harmful if swallowed. Glass ornaments can shatter and cause problems if handled or ingested, so keep them high above baby’s reach. If you light your menorah with real candles, remember to keep the menorah on a steady, fire-safe surface, out of reach. Never leave the menorah unattended and keep your baby at a safe distance. Some families use LED lights instead of candles for safety reasons, though others feel it lacks that authentic feeling!
  3. This is a great time to take pictures with Santa. Your baby is at an age when she isn’t experiencing fear of strangers and may actually smile and stay calm in photos with Santa Claus. Snapping a few of these will give you a great keepsake.
  4. In fact, you’ll want to photograph as much as possible this time of year. Your baby isn’t sure what to make of things like Christmas trees, dreidels, or festive lights, but she can appreciate exciting new visuals and holiday songs. Singing and dancing with her and showing her your family’s lights and decorations may provoke some genuine interest and will make for some wonderful photos that you, and she, can look back on.
  5. While old traditions are wonderful and can be celebrated with joy, this is a great time to add a few new holiday rituals to the mix, as your family has grown and changed. Incorporating a time for special, baby and kid-friendly games is a nice idea. Or getting involved in a family-friendly community activity can be a great way to celebrate the season as a family with children.

What do you have planned this holiday season? What special activities or traditions do you think your baby will enjoy? And if you’re pregnant, we hope you’ll bookmark this for next year’s holiday season!

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