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Five Kid-Friendly Indoor Activities for Long, Chilly Days!

December 17, 2012

Mommy needs helpEntertaining your children in the summertime can be as easy as opening the back door and letting them run around the backyard. But as winter sets in, and the weather gets chilly, kids are bound to end up with a bit of cabin fever. These creative activities may keep some of that boredom at bay during the coming winter months!

  1. You remember building forts in the living room as a kid, right? We don’t know why this is such a crowd-pleaser, but something about walls made from couch cushions and ceilings from blankets makes kids giddy. Throw some books, board games, snacks, and pillows into that fort and you may have several hours of relative quiet on your hands.
  2. Sometimes, the opposite of nestling quietly is what a kid needs on a cold, windy day spent indoors. Queue up some of your favorite, danceable music (with PG lyrics) on your iPhone or laptop, and crank some tunes for an at-home dance party. The fact that it’s music for grown-ups will make the noise bearable for you, and the novelty of the songs will keep your kids dancing. This might be a short-lived activity, but it may trigger a nap or some much needed resting time once your little ones tire themselves out!
  3. Kids love sugar. Kids love colors. Kids love making new things. Involve your children in some easy baking tasks to pass the afternoon. If you bake a batch of cookies, leave the decorating to the kids. Some colored frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and mini M&Ms will keep your kids occupied for quite awhile!
  4. And don’t forget that “making new things” can also mean an afternoon of arts and crafts. Set your kids up at a table loaded with popsicle sticks, clay, colorful paper, school glue, markers, sequins, and glittery pens, and you’ll have some crazy, colorful creations in no time.
  5. If you really want to exercise their creative sides, have your older kids choose a book they love, and ask them to put together and act out a play based on the book. You may have to give them some pointers, but with a few old costumes, a make-shift stage, and the casting of their younger siblings in dialogue-light roles, you’ll have occupied the whole family for hours.

What are your go-to activities for rainy, chilly, and windy days indoors? Let’s compile a wintertime activity survival guide in the comments!

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