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Our Three Favorite Pregnancy Apps: Information and Organization on the Go!

December 21, 2012

iStock_000008381486XSmallImpossible as it may be to imagine, there was a time, just five years ago or so, when every mobile phone was not brimming with apps allowing access to everything from local dining to online shopping. Pregnant women visited their doctors, read pregnancy books, and sought support from friends and family. But with the variety of nifty apps and mobile resources available to us now, why not take advantage of some interesting and informative technology? There are hundreds of pregnancy-related apps available to you, so we’ve narrowed them down to three that have proven their usefulness and can be a great way to receive and share information on the go!

  1. BabyCenter’s popular app, My Pregnancy Today, comes from a source that is well-respected and highly informative. This app will provide you with an ongoing timeline that will update you on common symptoms, concerns, and points of interest during every step of your pregnancy. There are free videos, guides to everything from nutrition to registries, and an excellent progress tracker. If you’re going to download one pregnancy app, this is the most comprehensive and one of the easiest to use.
  2. If you enjoy the techie charm of well-developed apps and appreciate unique tools and displays, check out the Sprout apps for iPhone and iPad. Sprout focuses largely on the health and development aspects of pregnancy, with amazingly rendered images of fetal development to give you an idea of what your baby looks like as your pregnancy progresses. The app will also keep your health, and your baby’s, on track with a handy doctor’s visit planner and multiple checklists and tips recommended by medical professionals.
  3. Can’t stay away from the popular message boards and Q&A sections at You can always get your fix with their mobile app called Pregnancy Buzz. You can peruse their question and answer section at your convenience, post questions or your own, and participate in their online community on the go. We like to caution women to take advice on message boards a bit more lightly than you would the advice, say, of your doctor, nurse, or midwife. But for a little interaction on the run, this app can’t be beat.

Remember, it’s healthy to pace yourself when it comes to the consumption of online information. A few hours away from your favorite site or app can be refreshing! But these apps may contain some helpful tools that keep you organized and informed throughout your pregnancy. And we’d love to hear of any others you’ve found helpful!

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