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Five Useful (but Often Overlooked) Gifts to Add to Your Registry

January 18, 2013

iStock_000002803161XSmallStroller? Check. Crib and changing table? Check. A stack of onesies and a gift card? Check and check. When you’re building your baby registry, some items are no-brainers. A place to sleep, the cutest clothes you can find, and boxes of diapers are the first things you’ll add to your list. But check out these essential, but sometimes forgettable, items and add them to your list ASAP!

  1. A cup holder! Stroller companies sell this as an “add-on” despite that fact it is usually on the display model. And with many companies specializing in this accessory, ask around to find the perfect fit for your morning cup of Joe (or water)!
  2. Dishwasher rack. Some bottle accessories, like nipples, rings, and bottle brushes, may be too small for the dish and cup racks in your dishwasher. Buy a small dishwasher rack to hold these items, so that you can run them through the dishwasher instead of hand-washing each item.
  3. Nightlights. Every night, for months on end, you’ll be waking several times to fumble in the darkness for your baby, his diapers, his bottle, or a change of clothes. Buy a few dim nightlights and place them strategically in the hallway, the bathroom, and even in the baby’s room. Anywhere you may need to traipse at night, light accordingly.
  4. And more bibs and burp cloths. You may have registered for two. Or four. Register for just a few more. Your baby will not only spit up after feedings, but also between feedings. And then there’s the drooling. Have a few cloths handy at all times. You’ll be washing and reusing these often.
  5. First-aid kit. You may have all of the essentials at home for adults, like antibiotic ointment and a thermometer. But add some baby-friendly items to that kit as well. A digital thermometer is a must, as it can be used in the armpit or rectally. Infant Tylenol (remember no Motrin for infants under 6 months old), a syringe for stuffy noses, and baby-friendly protection against chapping and chaffing, are musts. Ask your pediatrician to recommend other items you may want to add.

Veteran moms, what items do you wish you had registered for? What essential products did you learn about a few months too late? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!



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