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Five Ways of Distracting Your Baby While You Take Ten Minutes of Mom Time

February 4, 2013

iStock_000006304469XSmallWhether you’re on maternity leave with a newborn, or a stay-at-home mom adapting to her first year of motherhood, there is a point in each day when you really need to put the baby down and take just a few minutes to yourself. Maybe it’s been too long since you took a shower. Maybe you need to eat just a few bites for the first time all day. When your baby cries each time you walk away from him, here are a few distractions that may buy you a few minutes to yourself!

  1. The first tactic many moms try is to simply put your baby in her bouncer, and position her in a place where she can see you and vice versa. In the doorway of the bathroom, kitchen, or your bedroom, she can observe you while you get a few minutes of precious time brushing your teeth, getting dressed, or making lunch.
  2. If your baby fusses and cries in her bouncer, you may want to try a baby swing. Many of them are battery-operated and rock your baby gently and rhythmically. The motion, and the snuggly seat of many popular models, may calm your baby and even prompt her to close her eyes and rest.
  3. Your baby may have several toys he always gravitates towards, but consider keeping a few toys out of sight, only to be handed to your baby in these special situations when your attention may be turned from him for a few minutes. The novelty of a new toy may be enough to keep him occupied.
  4. Babies are fascinated by objects in motion. Placing your baby beneath a mobile, or with a ceiling fan in view may be distracting. If you live on a street that sees frequent foot or vehicle traffic, place his bouncer by the window so that he can take a look at the world passing by.
  5. And if all else fails, you may have to get him in the mood for a little nap by feeding him, burping him, and then placing him down. If your baby is a napper, you’re lucky, and this may be your best bet for some free time during your day.

Moms, what are your tricks and tactics for getting a few minutes to yourself throughout the day? New moms need your expert advice!

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