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5 Tips for Coping with Sleep Deprivation

March 4, 2013

3929606859_4f80830398_zThe first few months of your baby’s life are notorious for one thing in particular: robbing you of your usual eight hours of restful, uninterrupted sleep. At first, you’ll be blind-sided by the effects of sleep deprivation, but we have some tips to get you through this trying time!

  1. Nap when the baby naps. OK, you’ve heard this one before. But a surprising number of new moms try to use their baby’s naptime to do some laundry, catch up on email, or send thank-you cards for baby gifts. It’s OK to blow off some of these tasks in order to catch an extra 45 minutes of rest. Your body will thank you for it later in the day!
  1. Rethink caffeine. How does caffeine affect your body? Does it deliver the momentum you need for hours on end? Or does it simply give you a burst of energy, only to let you crash soon afterwards? And if you drink coffee too late in the day, does it affect your sleep, no matter how exhausted you are? Use caffeine wisely. It can be a great asset, but may sabotage you if not consumed with care!
  2. Post-its are your friend. Your memory is going to be shot after several sleepless nights, so start writing things down. A friend of ours puts post-its in strategic locations all over her house, reminding herself to check the oven before leaving the house, put the wet laundry into the dryer, and walk the dog.
  3. Hydrate and take your vitamins. We swear, dehydration makes sleep deprivation so much worse! And when you’re entirely focused on your baby’s needs, it’s easy to forget the basics. Drink water. Take your multivitamins. If you can’t give your body sleep, give it everything else it needs.
  4. Remember that this stage won’t last forever. At 3am, when you’ve woken up for the third time and can’t get your baby to go back to sleep, and you’re not sure if you can continue doing this, remember that you won’t have to. It may take weeks or months, but there is an end to the sleep deficit in your future!

Moms, how do you cope with sleep deprivation? Let us in on your tips for getting through those exhausting days and nights!

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