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5 Creative Ways to Tell Friends and Family That You’re Expecting

November 16, 2012

Sure, you can make a phone call to your friends and family, announcing your pregnancy. You can post the news to Facebook or send out a mass email. But if you’re feeling creative, silly, or festive, there are several ways of giving your loved ones the good news with a little twist!

  1. One friend of ours invited her group of close friends over for a night of Chinese take-out and board games. Before putting the food out onto the table, she swapped the restaurant’s fortune cookies for personalized fortune cookies announcing the due date of her baby. Everyone was thrilled, and she kept one of the fortunes for her scrapbook.
  1. Many couples wait until after their 12-week ultrasound to make their announcement to the people closest to them. Taking a video of you and your partner seeing the baby for the first-time and sending that email to family and close friends, can be a sweet and intimate way of sharing your good news.
  1. If you find yourself ready to make the big announcement around the time of a holiday, there are a lot of ways to incorporate your news into the festive day. On Thanksgiving, while everyone is giving thanks, you can express your gratitude for your expected arrival and for the loving family he or she will be born into. On Christmas, stuff an announcement into your family’s stockings. Or on Easter, you can hide the announcement in an egg…whoever finds it can read it aloud to the group!
  1. Create a family tree (you can order a pattern or template online) and include you and your partner’s parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Leave an empty space with a birth announcement and due date, and present it to your parents, siblings, and grandparents at your next family gathering.
  1. Invite friends and family over for dinner. At some point during the evening, tell everyone to pose for a group photo and set a camera up to take it. Just as the picture is about to snap, blurt out your good news. You’ll get a terrific reaction shot that you can frame, and also post to FB as an official announcement.

How did you break the news to your friends and family? Tell us in the comments!

Photography courtesy of Flickr.

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